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Activities June 2013
12-07-2013 22:41 IST

June 2013


30th June 2013 – VRD in Goa as a special guest in Nritya Sankul’s arrangetram.

29 June 2013- -  Meeting with Kannankumar for Swanubhava, Recording for Doordarshan on Gandhi.

28th June 2013 – Balamandir’s annual day, Prakriti Foundation’s Gharana music festival

27th June 2013 – Meeting with Premnath  and Aalaap for CD release.

26th June 2013 – VRD special guest at  DAV school, Gandhi study centre’s book review session

25th June 2013 - 

24th June 2013 – Rajalskhmi of Avvai Home passed away.

23rd June 2013    Sunday

22nd June 2013 -  Meeting with teachers of DAV school.

21st June 2013  - Prakriti Foundation’s book launch

20th June 2013 – Meeting at SPACES for CD release and presentation on Nataraja.

19th June 2013 – Meeting with D.V.Sridharan and Ranvir Shah.

18th June 2013 – Performance of Text and Textures, Arjuna Navarasa at SPACES with Aalaap.

17th June 2013 – Meeting at Aalaap

16th June 2013 – VRD presided over Bhakthi Natya Niketan’s annual day in Coimbatore.

15th June 2013 – Gandhi connect session at Vidyavanam school for tribal children Anaikkatti.

14th June 2013 – Meeting at Aalaap

13th June 2013 – Meeting at SPACES

12th June 2013 – Meeting with Mangai for Fulbright application.

11th June 2013 - Office meeting

10th June 2013 –– Dakshinachitra story telling workshop.

9th June 2013  - Sunday

8th June 2013 - New Delhi meeting with Parminder Singh, Geetanjali and Jasleen Dhamija.

7th June 2013 – New Delhi performance of Text and Textures, Arjuna Navarasa with Aalaap.

6th June 2013 -  Travel to New Delhi and rehearsal.

5th June 2013 – Rehearsal for Text and Tectures.

4th June 2013 – Workshop on performing arts in education for Ananya school teachers.

3rd June 2013 – Workshop on performing arts at Dakshinachitra.

2nd June 2013 – Meeting with D.V.Sridharan.

1st June 2013 –Prakriti Foundation’s book launch.